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It is the platform to Engage & Inspire. We understand the challenges of coping with a lifelong condition like Chronic Pain. The objective is to help reduce the pain, improve the functional abilities, and improve the quality of life through one of the various channels to manage the condition, Emotional SupportSimple individuals like you and me can leave a meaningful impact by sharing experience, knowledge, and empathy.

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Now more than ever we need to believe in our empathy and compassion ability. Believe in the good impact you can make on someone’s life with the simplest act of support. Everyone and every effort count!

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Dr. Benjamin Tow
MBBS MMed (Ortho)
Mount Elizabeth Orchard & Mount Elizabeth Novena
Dr. Poh Beow Kiong
MB, BS (Singapore)
B K Poh Urology

6 Napier Road #07-18 Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore 258499